2010-05-05 Thierry Parmentelat set default pagesize on all views to 999
2010-04-27 Barış Metin Setting tag Monitor-3.0-33
2010-04-26 Barış Metin handle hostname changes
2010-04-20 Thierry Parmentelat Setting tag Monitor-3.0-32
2010-04-20 Thierry Parmentelat for 5.0, requires bootcd with new 3-part nodefamily
2010-04-12 Stephen Soltesz Setting tag Monitor-3.0-31
2010-04-08 Stephen Soltesz fixes bug in myops for a node with different node_id...
2010-04-06 Barış Metin fix path
2010-03-25 Stephen Soltesz add myops_restoration
2010-03-13 Stephen Soltesz fixed typo on logger name for exceptions.
2010-03-02 Stephen Soltesz add new scripts
2010-02-16 Barış Metin ops... fix path.
2010-02-11 Stephen Soltesz R routines for printing some statistics
2010-02-11 Stephen Soltesz (no commit message)
2010-02-11 Stephen Soltesz test
2010-01-21 Stephen Soltesz add more info to sliceavg
2010-01-21 Stephen Soltesz add a conversion class for datetime and time stamps...
2010-01-21 Stephen Soltesz replace some print statements to stderr
2010-01-21 Barış Metin Setting tag Monitor-3.0-30
2010-01-20 Barış Metin fix paths
2009-12-22 Barış Metin Setting tag Monitor-3.0-29
2009-12-22 Barış Metin move easy_install calls back to post install.
2009-12-22 Barış Metin require pcucontrol.
2009-12-22 Barış Metin remove pcucontrol from Monitor.spec
2009-12-22 Barış Metin move pcucontrol package into pcucontrol module.
2009-12-18 Stephen Soltesz move nodelist.kid headers into node_template.kid to...
2009-12-18 Thierry Parmentelat work around the lack of libm.a on f12
2009-12-18 Barış Metin merged pcucontrol into monitor-server. although monitor...
2009-12-17 Barış Metin ok, don't break anything on f8 too :)
2009-12-17 Barış Metin fix f12 build
2009-12-17 Barış Metin Setting tag Monitor-3.0-28
2009-12-17 Barış Metin comment out buildrequires
2009-12-17 Barış Metin Setting tag Monitor-3.0-27
2009-12-17 Barış Metin setuptools don't really care about --build-directory.
2009-12-17 Barış Metin add *egg/ directories to the package. easy_install...
2009-12-16 Barış Metin Setting tag Monitor-3.0-26
2009-12-16 Barış Metin handle IndexError in getpcu
2009-12-14 Barış Metin require easy_install at build time
2009-12-14 Barış Metin hope I got the merge wright...
2009-12-07 Stephen Soltesz report any expired sites & nodes
2009-12-07 Stephen Soltesz add two cases for resolving nodes that run out of disk...
2009-12-07 Stephen Soltesz only enable a site if the 'enabled' field is False.
2009-12-07 Stephen Soltesz added supported_ports to class definition
2009-12-03 Stephen Soltesz reformat time install_date to timestamp when returned...
2009-11-30 Stephen Soltesz sort last_changed by correct times
2009-11-21 Stephen Soltesz I think this applies svn ignore property everywhere.
2009-11-21 Stephen Soltesz deprecate www directory and its legacy scripts
2009-11-21 Stephen Soltesz remove a lot of deprecated files ;
2009-11-21 Stephen Soltesz (no commit message)
2009-11-20 Stephen Soltesz Setting tag Monitor-3.0-25
2009-11-20 Stephen Soltesz added templating to google gadget xml file in monitor...
2009-11-20 Barış Metin correct message
2009-11-20 Barış Metin - check if the site is in 'pending' state on all site...
2009-11-19 Stephen Soltesz add checkpcu option to & clarify help text.
2009-11-19 Stephen Soltesz add option to check pcu status as part of the condition...
2009-11-09 Stephen Soltesz try looking for a shorter prompt initially, since local...
2009-10-28 Barış Metin fix repository link and comment out wiki pages as they...
2009-10-22 Barış Metin - add install_date
2009-10-20 Barış Metin add install_date field
2009-10-19 Barış Metin - remove monitor-client.cron
2009-10-16 Thierry Parmentelat commented out unused value
2009-10-16 Barış Metin use ext_consortium_id to distinguish pending sites.
2009-10-15 Stephen Soltesz remove monitor-client.cron
2009-10-15 Stephen Soltesz remove unused monitor-client init script
2009-10-15 Barış Metin - fix UP/DOWN summary on nodes page.
2009-10-12 Barış Metin Don't enable the "Pending Sites". PLE is using 'enabled...
2009-10-09 Barış Metin show/hide advance query form.
2009-09-25 Barış Metin JS magic to add toggle support to Advanced Query
2009-09-24 Stephen Soltesz Setting tag Monitor-3.0-21
2009-09-24 Stephen Soltesz deleted
2009-09-24 Stephen Soltesz added BootmanSequenceRecord to allow bootman sequence...
2009-09-18 Stephen Soltesz this doesn't work.
2009-09-18 Stephen Soltesz use simpleview and detailview rather than old 'pcuview...
2009-09-18 Stephen Soltesz bug, hard coded port number for telnet on ipal. Made...
2009-09-15 Stephen Soltesz changes to the db for the previous patch.
2009-09-15 Stephen Soltesz fix a bug with pause_penalty.
2009-09-07 Stephen Soltesz only add 'skipping_baddisk' action when the notice...
2009-09-05 Stephen Soltesz Setting tag Monitor-3.0-20
2009-09-04 Stephen Soltesz moved nodequery common code to monitor/
2009-09-02 Stephen Soltesz added actionlist_template to display action list consis...
2009-09-02 Stephen Soltesz I'm not 100% sure about this; I think it will enable...
2009-08-28 Stephen Soltesz add upload stub, expose query functions with plain...
2009-08-28 Stephen Soltesz add plain-text versions of the query output and nodelis...
2009-08-27 Stephen Soltesz not sure how these got past. remove monitor module...
2009-08-25 Stephen Soltesz doh. used m5sum not sha1
2009-08-25 Stephen Soltesz latest 1.6.5 version
2009-08-20 Stephen Soltesz add pcu_name to pcufailed_notice
2009-08-17 Stephen Soltesz Setting tag Monitor-3.0-19
2009-08-17 Stephen Soltesz changed 'monitordebug' to failboot
2009-08-17 Stephen Soltesz added advanced query
2009-07-28 Stephen Soltesz added firewall checks and notices
2009-07-28 Stephen Soltesz add email notice for 'failed twice' nodes
2009-07-27 Stephen Soltesz an upgrade script to extend convert existing databases
2009-07-27 Stephen Soltesz setup default values if they're not already set.
2009-07-27 Stephen Soltesz add a 'delete_recent' function to ActionRecord
2009-07-27 Stephen Soltesz make zabbix import conditional
2009-07-27 Stephen Soltesz add code to automatically handle manual FSCK errors.
2009-07-27 Stephen Soltesz add better node configuration message.
2009-07-27 Stephen Soltesz ugg. output hangs on large file contents. truncate...
2009-07-27 Stephen Soltesz enable zabbix option before importing zabbix db