remove unnecessary informatiton on pcuview page
[monitor.git] / web / MonitorWeb / monitorweb / static / css / style.css
2009-06-10 Stephen Soltesz remove unnecessary informatiton on pcuview page
2009-04-16 Stephen Soltesz svn merge -r 12308:13112
2008-12-18 Stephen Soltesz modified *list templates with abreviated information
2008-12-13 Stephen Soltesz many improvements.
2008-12-05 Stephen Soltesz added extlink icon for links that point to either PLCww...
2008-12-04 Stephen Soltesz add functions for pcuview, nodeview, & siteview
2008-12-04 Stephen Soltesz fixed the httpd conf issue with redirecting to /monitor/
2008-12-02 Stephen Soltesz basic display of nodes, pcus, and sites.
2008-12-01 Stephen Soltesz supports basic listing of pcus, nodes, and some colorin...
2008-11-25 Stephen Soltesz Entry point for rpc server, view templates, rss feeds...