Setting tag mom-2.3-5
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2012-07-18 Thierry Parmentelat remove old svn-keywords & stuff
2008-04-24 Faiyaz Ahmed Use hostname instead of if config file...
2008-03-06 Faiyaz Ahmed Bug in debug code. Also now sends to mom list address.
2007-11-29 Faiyaz Ahmed Added keyword ID propset.
2006-11-18 Mark Huang - disable delivery status notifications
2006-07-10 Faiyaz Ahmed Stores last values reported by NM. Uses cached vals...
2006-06-02 Mark Huang - deal with error results from NM correctly, and don...
2006-05-09 Mark Huang - only print a single warning per run if NM query times out
2006-05-08 Mark Huang remove call to non-existent close() function
2006-04-28 Mark Huang - utility functions common to swapmon and bwmon