2011-01-17 S.Çağlar... bump release coblitz2 linux-2.6-22-49.4.coblitz
2011-01-17 S.Çağlar... disable linux-2.6-820-megaraid.patch
2010-12-09 Daniel Hokka... Bump release. linux-2.6-22-49.3.coblitz
2010-12-09 Daniel Hokka... New MegaRAID driver from Intel.
2010-11-19 Daniel Hokka... Bump release for new driver. linux-2.6-22-49.2.coblitz
2010-11-19 Daniel Hokka... MegaRAID SAS controllers.
2010-11-05 Daniel Hokka... Correct patch name. linux-2.6-22-49.1.coblitz
2010-11-05 Daniel Hokka... New CoBlitz kernel. linux-2.6-22-49.coblitz
2010-11-03 S.Çağlar... correct version
2010-07-09 S.Çağlar... add missing enums
2010-07-09 S.Çağlar... support other Broadcom NetXtreme II BCM 5709 dual GbE...
2010-06-03 S.Çağlar... new rpm changes: 22
2010-05-08 S.Çağlar... Setting tag linux-2.6-22-48
2010-05-07 S.Çağlar... support next generation of HP Smart Array SAS/SATA...
2010-04-15 S.Çağlar... Setting tag linux-2.6-22-47
2010-04-15 S.Çağlar... re-enable barrier patches to test
2010-04-15 S.Çağlar... Fix conflicts between kernel-headers and glibc-headers...
2010-04-06 S.Çağlar... disable barrier related patches for now
2010-03-26 S.Çağlar... This patch backports following upstream commits in...
2010-03-23 S.Çağlar... turn on barriers by default for ext3 and support barrie...
2010-03-17 S.Çağlar... Setting tag linux-2.6-22-46
2010-03-17 S.Çağlar... every released package should have a tag in svn, so...
2010-03-17 S.Çağlar... Setting tag linux-2.6-22-45
2010-03-17 S.Çağlar... rpm and it's wonderfull syntax...
2010-03-17 S.Çağlar... add support for ich10
2010-03-11 S.Çağlar... Broadcom NetXtremeII 10Gb support
2010-03-04 Thierry Parmentelat this change should let the build select the kernel...
2010-02-19 S.Çağlar... Setting tag linux-2.6-22-44
2010-02-19 S.Çağlar... don't reboot
2010-02-05 S.Çağlar... Setting tag linux-2.6-22-43
2010-02-04 S.Çağlar... PCI power management reset for kexec
2010-02-04 S.Çağlar... solve the boot problems for the HP DL320 G6 boxes
2010-01-11 Barış Metin make kernelrelase and packagerelase the same to be...
2009-12-26 S.Çağlar... fix the 2nd chunk of the patch
2009-12-22 S.Çağlar... Make the branch compile with fixing following error:
2009-12-21 S.Çağlar... support new igb driver (based on igb-2.0.6)
2009-12-15 Thierry Parmentelat build on f12
2009-11-04 Sapan Bhatia Dropping Web100 from trunk.
2009-10-29 Sapan Bhatia Rebootless updates for the kernel.
2009-10-28 Sapan Bhatia Enable standard tun interface
2009-10-05 Thierry Parmentelat gnuradio/wextoolbox does not use this kernel anyway
2009-08-27 Daniel Hokka... New e1000e driver.
2009-07-08 Thierry Parmentelat dismantling the embedemu distro
2009-07-07 Daniel Hokka... Fix patch.
2009-07-07 Marc Fiuczynski required when setting PLDISTRO=coblitz
2009-06-26 Daniel Hokka... Tagging module linux-2.6 - linux-2.6-22-42
2009-06-26 Daniel Hokka... Apply patches.
2009-06-26 Daniel Hokka... Make the route multipath support work the way it's...
2009-06-22 Daniel Hokka... Split bonding hashes patch.
2009-06-15 Daniel Hokka... Fix typos.
2009-06-15 Daniel Hokka... Add round-robin "hash" too.
2009-06-15 Daniel Hokka... Add more hashes to the bonding driver.
2009-06-11 Thierry Parmentelat Tagging module linux-2.6 - linux-2.6-22-41
2009-06-11 Thierry Parmentelat embedemu kernel config links to planetlab
2009-06-04 Sapan Bhatia Added patch 700, which implements VXC_PROC_WRITE support
2009-06-03 Sapan Bhatia Apply the patch that supports VXC_PROC_WRITE
2009-06-03 Sapan Bhatia Checking in the patch that supports VXC_PROC_WRITE
2009-05-26 Thierry Parmentelat Tagging module linux-2.6 - linux-2.6-22-39
2009-05-26 Thierry Parmentelat backport the kernel-headers package from 2.6.27
2009-05-15 Thierry Parmentelat Tagging module linux-2.6 - linux-2.6-22-38
2009-05-14 Thierry Parmentelat put patch back in - was using wrong kernel version...
2009-05-14 Thierry Parmentelat pcmcia patch off on 2.6.22 - see if it causes the madwi...
2009-05-13 Thierry Parmentelat fix pcmcia&64bits patch for 2.6.22
2009-05-12 Thierry Parmentelat Tagging module linux-2.6 - linux-2.6-22-37
2009-05-12 Thierry Parmentelat enable patch for 4Bg-ram laptops and cardbus addressing
2009-04-09 Sapan Bhatia Inserting this patch, which I missed in the previous...
2009-04-09 Sapan Bhatia Sigh, forgot to apply the dcookies GC patch.
2009-04-09 Sapan Bhatia I missed this hunk in the previous tag. It's disabled...
2009-04-09 Sapan Bhatia Continuing tweaking this patch...
2009-04-09 Sapan Bhatia Lost the syscall hunk in my last checkin. This version...
2009-04-09 Sapan Bhatia Tagging after having tested the latest kernel in branch...
2009-04-08 Sapan Bhatia This patch was not used or referenced. Kill it.
2009-04-08 Sapan Bhatia Updated the chopstix patch to the latest tested version.
2009-04-08 Sapan Bhatia Adding dcookie-garbage-collection patch for Chopstix...
2009-04-08 Sapan Bhatia Continual garbage collection for Dcookies.
2009-03-19 Thierry Parmentelat using 2.6.22 in gnuradio for now
2009-03-12 Sapan Bhatia Attempt to fix the rpm issue in build.
2009-03-10 Sapan Bhatia Fixing Chopstix patch
2009-03-09 Sapan Bhatia Updated Chopstix patch with a few bugs fixed.
2009-02-28 Sapan Bhatia Garbage collect dcookies to plug a memory hole in Chopstix.
2009-02-23 Sapan Bhatia Tagging module linux-2.6 - linux-2.6-22-33
2009-02-23 Sapan Bhatia Cleaned up the Chopstix patch a bit, removing .orig...
2009-02-18 Sapan Bhatia Updated the Chopstix patch to include a user-space...
2009-01-19 Thierry Parmentelat Branch 27 for module linux-2.6 created (as new trunk...
2009-01-08 Thierry Parmentelat Tagging module linux-2.6 - linux-2.6-22-32
2008-12-16 Thierry Parmentelat gcc4.3 patch needed on f10 too
2008-12-02 Daniel Hokka... Tagging module linux-2.6 - linux-2.6-22-31
2008-11-25 Thierry Parmentelat display hangcheck_reboot at module init-time (no luck...
2008-11-15 Daniel Hokka... Add web100 config options.
2008-11-15 Daniel Hokka... Add web100 patch.
2008-11-12 Daniel Hokka... Add patch for DRL.
2008-11-11 Daniel Hokka... Tagging module linux-2.6 - linux-2.6-22-30
2008-11-10 Daniel Hokka... Attempt to fix the build.
2008-11-09 Daniel Hokka... Use Intel's e1000e driver with ICH10 support.
2008-10-02 Thierry Parmentelat Tagging module linux-2.6 - linux-2.6-22-29
2008-09-30 Thierry Parmentelat cleanup outdated configs
2008-09-30 Thierry Parmentelat cleanup ctd
2008-09-30 Thierry Parmentelat cleanup outdated i586 config
2008-09-30 Thierry Parmentelat adding drivers for another kind of UMTS card + chopstix...
2008-09-17 Sapan Bhatia Recovering a hunk that I accidentally ommited out of...