Remove some RPM explicitly.
[libvirt.git] / libvirt.spec
2012-07-03 Marco Yuen Remove some RPM explicitly.
2012-07-03 Marco Yuen Explicitly turn off selinux.
2012-07-03 Marco Yuen Bump libvirt to 0.9.12
2012-01-26 Marco Yuen Remove sanlock files section.
2012-01-26 Marco Yuen Remove the sanlock package.
2012-01-16 Marco Yuen Disable make check
2012-01-16 Marco Yuen Bump libvirt version.
2011-12-14 Marco Yuen Disable 'make check'
2011-12-14 Marco Yuen Add libvirt-0.9.8 spec file with minor changes.