2009-10-30 Andy Bavier Basic specfile taken from F10 trellis trellis
2009-04-17 Andy Bavier Fix ip_tunnel_parm. This is used to communicate with...
2009-02-26 Sapan Bhatia Tweaks
2009-02-26 Sapan Bhatia Checkign in new iproute2
2008-03-12 Andy Bavier Changes for creating EGRE tunnels
2008-03-12 Andy Bavier Modifications of base files for EGRE tunnel support
2008-03-12 Andy Bavier VINI Trellis version of iproute2
2008-01-08 Thierry Parmentelat ready for tagging
2008-01-08 Thierry Parmentelat use taglevel rather than subversion for minor release...
2008-01-04 Thierry Parmentelat arranged for the module-tagging script
2007-08-24 Marc Fiuczynski depends on flex rpm too
2007-01-19 Marc Fiuczynski update version info from 2.6.11 to 2.6.16
2007-01-19 Marc Fiuczynski merged to iproute2-2.6.16-060323
2007-01-19 Marc Fiuczynski This commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
2006-02-22 Mark Huang remove prebuilt objects
2006-02-22 Mark Huang - fc4 additions
2006-02-22 Mark Huang - build newer version of iproute/tc from fc4
2006-02-22 Mark Huang This commit was generated by cvs2svn to compensate...
2003-06-04 Planet-Lab... New repository initialized by cvs2svn.