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Thu, 15 Apr 2010 20:39:24 +0000 (20:39 +0000)
bump to latest stable and change repository layout
228 files changed:
COPYING [deleted file]
ChangeLog [deleted file]
README [deleted file]
README.decnet [deleted file]
README.distribution [deleted file]
README.iproute2+tc [deleted file]
README.lnstat [deleted file]
RELNOTES [deleted file]
configure [deleted file]
doc/Makefile [deleted file]
doc/Plan [deleted file]
doc/SNAPSHOT.tex [deleted file]
doc/actions/actions-general [deleted file]
doc/actions/dummy-README [deleted file]
doc/actions/gact-usage [deleted file]
doc/actions/mirred-usage [deleted file]
doc/api-ip6-flowlabels.tex [deleted file]
doc/arpd.sgml [deleted file]
doc/do-psnup [deleted file]
doc/ip-cref.tex [deleted file]
doc/ip-tunnels.tex [deleted file]
doc/nstat.sgml [deleted file]
doc/preamble.tex [deleted file]
doc/rtstat.sgml [deleted file]
doc/ss.sgml [deleted file]
etc/iproute2/ematch_map [deleted file]
etc/iproute2/rt_dsfield [deleted file]
etc/iproute2/rt_protos [deleted file]
etc/iproute2/rt_realms [deleted file]
etc/iproute2/rt_scopes [deleted file]
etc/iproute2/rt_tables [deleted file]
examples/README.cbq [deleted file]
examples/SYN-DoS.rate.limit [deleted file]
examples/cbq.init-v0.7.3 [deleted file]
examples/cbqinit.eth1 [deleted file]
examples/dhcp-client-script [deleted file]
examples/diffserv/Edge1 [deleted file]
examples/diffserv/Edge2 [deleted file]
examples/diffserv/Edge31-ca-u32 [deleted file]
examples/diffserv/Edge31-cb-chains [deleted file]
examples/diffserv/Edge32-ca-u32 [deleted file]
examples/diffserv/Edge32-cb-chains [deleted file]
examples/diffserv/Edge32-cb-u32 [deleted file]
examples/diffserv/README [deleted file]
examples/diffserv/afcbq [deleted file]
examples/diffserv/ef-prio [deleted file]
examples/diffserv/efcbq [deleted file]
examples/diffserv/regression-testing [deleted file]
include/SNAPSHOT.h [deleted file]
include/ip6tables.h [deleted file]
include/iptables.h [deleted file]
include/iptables_common.h [deleted file]
include/libiptc/ipt_kernel_headers.h [deleted file]
include/libiptc/libip6tc.h [deleted file]
include/libiptc/libiptc.h [deleted file]
include/libnetlink.h [deleted file]
include/linux/gen_stats.h [deleted file]
include/linux/inet_diag.h [deleted file]
include/linux/ip_mp_alg.h [deleted file]
include/linux/netfilter_ipv4/ip_tables.h [deleted file]
include/linux/netlink.h [deleted file]
include/linux/pkt_cls.h [deleted file]
include/linux/pkt_sched.h [deleted file]
include/linux/rtnetlink.h [deleted file]
include/linux/socket.h [deleted file]
include/linux/tc_act/tc_defact.h [deleted file]
include/linux/tc_act/tc_gact.h [deleted file]
include/linux/tc_act/tc_ipt.h [deleted file]
include/linux/tc_act/tc_mirred.h [deleted file]
include/linux/tc_act/tc_pedit.h [deleted file]
include/linux/tc_ematch/tc_em_cmp.h [deleted file]
include/linux/tc_ematch/tc_em_meta.h [deleted file]
include/linux/tc_ematch/tc_em_nbyte.h [deleted file]
include/linux/tcp.h [deleted file]
include/linux/xfrm.h [deleted file]
include/ll_map.h [deleted file]
include/net/tcp_states.h [deleted file]
include/rt_names.h [deleted file]
include/rtm_map.h [deleted file]
include/utils.h [deleted file]
ip.8 [deleted file]
ip/Makefile [deleted file]
ip/ifcfg [deleted file]
ip/ip.c [deleted file]
ip/ip_common.h [deleted file]
ip/ipaddress.c [deleted file]
ip/iplink.c [deleted file]
ip/ipmaddr.c [deleted file]
ip/ipmonitor.c [deleted file]
ip/ipmroute.c [deleted file]
ip/ipneigh.c [deleted file]
ip/ipntable.c [deleted file]
ip/ipprefix.c [deleted file]
ip/iproute.c [deleted file]
ip/iprule.c [deleted file]
ip/iptunnel.c [deleted file]
ip/ipxfrm.c [deleted file]
ip/routef [deleted file]
ip/routel [deleted file]
ip/rtm_map.c [deleted file]
ip/rtmon.c [deleted file]
ip/rtpr [deleted file]
ip/xfrm.h [deleted file]
ip/xfrm_monitor.c [deleted file]
ip/xfrm_policy.c [deleted file]
ip/xfrm_state.c [deleted file]
lib/Makefile [deleted file]
lib/dnet_ntop.c [deleted file]
lib/dnet_pton.c [deleted file]
lib/inet_proto.c [deleted file]
lib/ipx_ntop.c [deleted file]
lib/ipx_pton.c [deleted file]
lib/libnetlink.c [deleted file]
lib/ll_addr.c [deleted file]
lib/ll_map.c [deleted file]
lib/ll_proto.c [deleted file]
lib/ll_types.c [deleted file]
lib/rt_names.c [deleted file]
lib/utils.c [deleted file]
man/man3/libnetlink.3 [deleted file]
man/man8/ip.8 [deleted file]
man/man8/tc-cbq-details.8 [deleted file]
man/man8/tc-cbq.8 [deleted file]
man/man8/tc-htb.8 [deleted file]
man/man8/tc-pbfifo.8 [deleted file]
man/man8/tc-pfifo.8 [deleted file]
man/man8/tc-pfifo_fast.8 [deleted file]
man/man8/tc-prio.8 [deleted file]
man/man8/tc-red.8 [deleted file]
man/man8/tc-sfq.8 [deleted file]
man/man8/tc-tbf.8 [deleted file]
man/man8/tc.8 [deleted file]
misc/Makefile [deleted file]
misc/arpd.c [deleted file]
misc/ifstat.c [deleted file]
misc/lnstat.c [deleted file]
misc/lnstat.h [deleted file]
misc/lnstat_util.c [deleted file]
misc/netbug [deleted file]
misc/nstat.c [deleted file]
misc/rtacct.c [deleted file]
misc/ss.c [deleted file]
misc/ssfilter.h [deleted file]
misc/ssfilter.y [deleted file]
netem/Makefile [deleted file]
netem/README.distribution [deleted file]
netem/experimental.dat [deleted file]
netem/maketable.c [deleted file]
netem/normal.c [deleted file]
netem/pareto.c [deleted file]
netem/paretonormal.c [deleted file]
tc-cbq-details.8 [deleted file]
tc-cbq.8 [deleted file]
tc-htb.8 [deleted file]
tc-pbfifo.8 [deleted file]
tc-pfifo_fast.8 [deleted file]
tc-prio.8 [deleted file]
tc-red.8 [deleted file]
tc-sfq.8 [deleted file]
tc-tbf.8 [deleted file]
tc.8 [deleted file]
tc/Makefile [deleted file]
tc/README.last [deleted file]
tc/em_cmp.c [deleted file]
tc/em_meta.c [deleted file]
tc/em_nbyte.c [deleted file]
tc/em_u32.c [deleted file]
tc/emp_ematch.l [deleted file]
tc/emp_ematch.y [deleted file]
tc/f_basic.c [deleted file]
tc/f_fw.c [deleted file]
tc/f_route.c [deleted file]
tc/f_rsvp.c [deleted file]
tc/f_tcindex.c [deleted file]
tc/f_u32.c [deleted file]
tc/m_action.c [deleted file]
tc/m_ematch.c [deleted file]
tc/m_ematch.h [deleted file]
tc/m_estimator.c [deleted file]
tc/m_gact.c [deleted file]
tc/m_ipt.c [deleted file]
tc/m_mirred.c [deleted file]
tc/m_pedit.c [deleted file]
tc/m_pedit.h [deleted file]
tc/m_police.c [deleted file]
tc/p_icmp.c [deleted file]
tc/p_ip.c [deleted file]
tc/p_tcp.c [deleted file]
tc/p_udp.c [deleted file]
tc/q_atm.c [deleted file]
tc/q_cbq.c [deleted file]
tc/q_dsmark.c [deleted file]
tc/q_fifo.c [deleted file]
tc/q_gred.c [deleted file]
tc/q_hfsc.c [deleted file]
tc/q_htb.c [deleted file]
tc/q_ingress.c [deleted file]
tc/q_netem.c [deleted file]
tc/q_prio.c [deleted file]
tc/q_red.c [deleted file]
tc/q_sfq.c [deleted file]
tc/q_tbf.c [deleted file]
tc/tc.c [deleted file]
tc/tc_cbq.c [deleted file]
tc/tc_cbq.h [deleted file]
tc/tc_class.c [deleted file]
tc/tc_common.h [deleted file]
tc/tc_core.c [deleted file]
tc/tc_core.h [deleted file]
tc/tc_estimator.c [deleted file]
tc/tc_filter.c [deleted file]
tc/tc_qdisc.c [deleted file]
tc/tc_red.c [deleted file]
tc/tc_red.h [deleted file]
tc/tc_util.c [deleted file]
tc/tc_util.h [deleted file]
testsuite/Makefile [deleted file]
testsuite/configs/all-2.4 [deleted file]
testsuite/configs/all-no-act [deleted file]
testsuite/configs/all-police-act [deleted file]
testsuite/iproute2/Makefile [deleted file]
testsuite/lib/generic.sh [deleted file]
testsuite/tests/cbq.t [deleted file]
testsuite/tests/cls-testbed.t [deleted file]
testsuite/tests/dsmark.t [deleted file]
testsuite/tests/policer [deleted file]