2009-12-09 marta Grab the lock before reading uid/gid related structure...
2009-12-02 marta Added missing file.
2009-11-29 thierry Setting tag ipfw-0.9-7
2009-11-28 marta Added a missing source file.
2009-11-26 thierry Setting tag ipfw-0.9-6
2009-11-26 thierry revert changes in specfiles as module-tag will do that
2009-11-26 marta Added spec file comments.
2009-11-17 marta Always release the reference to the sock structure.
2009-11-16 marta Major changes:
2009-11-09 thierry Setting tag ipfw-0.9-5
2009-11-06 marta Removed debug messages.
2009-11-06 marta Enabled the code for xid matching.
2009-11-06 marta Added the code for xid matching. (The code is not yet...
2009-11-06 marta Removed stale files.
2009-11-06 marta Removed stale files.
2009-11-02 marta Fix calls.
2009-11-02 marta More work on the uid lookup.
2009-10-27 marta Added support for user id matching.
2009-09-07 thierry Setting tag ipfw-0.9-4
2009-08-24 marta Added support for new commands:
2009-07-23 thierry Setting tag ipfw-0.9-3
2009-07-23 marta Updated help.
2009-07-23 marta Free mtags for dummynet mbuf.
2009-07-15 thierry Setting tag ipfw-0.9-2
2009-07-14 marta Fix the compilation under Linux x86_64.
2009-07-08 marta Import source code for dummynet innode emulation.
2009-07-08 thierry placeholder for the in-node emulation code