2013-07-11 smbaker fix newline problem, add help text, refuse to config... master
2013-07-11 smbaker fix route check
2013-07-11 smbaker fix error message due to deleting route when it doesn...
2013-07-10 smbaker support for new generic tags
2013-07-10 smbaker support for generic tag object, wip
2013-07-10 smbaker support for new generic tag object
2013-06-05 smbaker add init, config commands, add usage, fix writing of...
2013-06-05 smbaker remove route that blocks metadata service
2013-06-05 smbaker rename sliver_hadoop.py sliver-hadoop.py
2013-06-05 smbaker generate hadoop files
2013-05-24 Scott Baker write the etc hosts file
2013-05-24 Scott Baker write public/private keys to .ssh directory
2013-05-23 Scott Baker reduce key length so it fits in slice tag
2013-05-23 Scott Baker hadoop wizard, WIP
2013-05-22 Scott Baker checking in directory for planetstack hadoop work
2013-01-21 smbaker retry download of stage2 init script if DNS is down
2013-01-21 smbaker cleanup
2013-01-17 smbaker some debugging output
2013-01-17 smbaker only set remote hostname if pvt bridge used, fix perms
2013-01-17 smbaker use pvt. hostname, set local and remote hostnames,...
2013-01-17 smbaker fix perms
2013-01-17 smbaker only use public IP in sshd if running behind the nat
2013-01-17 smbaker permission fix
2013-01-17 smbaker put vsys code in a function, wip support for getting...
2012-12-15 smbaker fix perms
2012-12-15 smbaker keep retrying vsys if it is empty
2012-12-10 smbaker fix perms
2012-12-10 smbaker fix wrong pathname, upload hadoop-startup
2012-12-10 smbaker fix perms
2012-12-10 smbaker set usePAM to no
2012-12-10 smbaker move URLS to constants, fix ssh server ip address,...
2012-12-10 smbaker fix perms
2012-12-10 smbaker script to copy to vicci
2012-12-10 smbaker initial checkin of dave's scripts
2012-12-10 smbaker enable dhclient, replace rc.sysinit, remove tty devices...
2012-10-23 Marco Yuen Initial commit.