last changeFri, 26 Jun 2015 05:57:50 +0000
2015-06-26 Thierry Parmentelat Setting tag bootcd-5.3-1 master bootcd-5.3-1
2015-06-23 Thierry Parmentelat backing off on the idea of an early ssh access that...
2015-06-23 Thierry Parmentelat less noide
2015-06-23 Thierry Parmentelat open early ssh access to myplc's debug key
2015-06-23 Thierry Parmentelat troubleshooting early ssh access
2015-06-20 Thierry Parmentelat bump bootcd major number to 5.3
2015-06-20 Thierry Parmentelat pl_boot uses tlsv1 instead of sslv3 to retrieve bootman...
2015-06-19 Thierry Parmentelat at attempt to fix f21 boot sequence on physical nodes
2015-06-17 Thierry Parmentelat gather more data when node is stuck without network
2015-06-16 Thierry Parmentelat show ifconfig's output while waiting for the ethernet...
2015-06-16 Thierry Parmentelat increase network initialization timeout to 2 minutes...
2015-06-16 Thierry Parmentelat cosmetic changes in the display when network interface...
2015-04-24 Thierry Parmentelat Setting tag bootcd-5.2-6 bootcd-5.2-6 bootcd-5.3-0
2015-04-24 Thierry Parmentelat display line with initial '*'
2015-04-24 Thierry Parmentelat remove default console=ttyS0,115200 and systemd.log_tar...
2015-04-24 Thierry Parmentelat new target sync-build to push on a test plc
4 years ago bootcd-5.3-1 Setting tag bootcd-5.3-1
4 years ago bootcd-5.2-6 Setting tag bootcd-5.2-6
4 years ago bootcd-5.3-0 Setting tag bootcd-5.2-6
5 years ago bootcd-5.2-5 Setting tag bootcd-5.2-5
6 years ago bootcd-5.2-4 Setting tag bootcd-5.2-4
6 years ago bootcd-5.2-3 Setting tag bootcd-5.2-3
6 years ago bootcd-5.2-2 Setting tag bootcd-5.2-2
7 years ago bootcd-5.2-1 Setting tag bootcd-5.2-1
7 years ago bootcd-5.1-5 Setting tag bootcd-5.1-5
7 years ago bootcd-5.2-0 Setting tag bootcd-5.1-5
7 years ago bootcd-5.1-4 Setting tag bootcd-5.1-4
7 years ago bootcd-5.1-3 Setting tag bootcd-5.1-3
7 years ago bootcd-5.1-2 Setting tag bootcd-5.1-2
7 years ago bootcd-5.1-1 Setting tag bootcd-5.1-1
7 years ago bootcd-5.1-0 for module-tools
8 years ago lxcbuild
4 years ago master
9 years ago 4.2
9 years ago coblitz
11 years ago 3.4
12 years ago modular_build
12 years ago planetlab-4_0-branch
12 years ago disconnectedops
13 years ago myplc-0_4-branch
13 years ago planetlab-3_3-bootcd-branch
13 years ago planetlab-3_3-branch
14 years ago fedora
14 years ago planetlab-3_2-branch
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